Friday, May 28, 2010

Good Morning Bloggie,

I went to the art group meeting yesterday and was inspired by what others have done. I learned a lot, too. I learned that what I create in my head and imagine as a project usually will not produce the exact same image after scissors are put to fabric.

I also learned if the first image doesn't work well, make another one. Others do this, too.

There is a group that meets in the south area twice a week that excluseively work on their own projects. I lost my place I used to sew once a week (read I left because of wagging tongues). I'm hopeful this group will be a better fit for me. A safe place I can go to piece my own stuff.

I'll keep you posted.




  1. Great start for a blog Deb. It's fun to share with other quilters.

  2. Thanks, It's sort of a challenge and I'm just reading the comments to answer back.